The groups

We offer room for up to 24 children divided over 2 groups
the baby/infant group (0-2 years of age, up to 9 children)
the toddler group (2-4 years of age, to up to 15 children)

Both groups are horizontal groups, which allows your child to be in the company of children of a similar age. This also ensures that your child is offered the activities which correspond to the developmental phase. Each group is led by at least 2 group leaders. In addition we offer room for up to 1 intern or student per group.

Baby/infant group (age 0-2)
The baby/infant group is a warm, cosy group on the first floor. There is enough room for play inside as well as outside. And a separate sleeping room.

Toddler group (age 2-4)
The toddler group is located on the ground floor. The children can enjoy playing and romping inside as well as outside. There is a ball pit, a nice couch, books, a dress-up box, and plenty of toys.