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About Prins Heerlijk

Located on the Prins Hendriklaan, within walking distance of the beautiful Wilhelminapark, we have been the daycare center for happy princes and princesses for more than 20 years! In our small-scale and homely childcare, the pedagogical staff provide children with the personal attention, love and developmental stimulation they need. Prince Heerlijk is a place where children and parents like to come and go, where nature and the environment are treated with respect and where everyone is accepted and appreciated as the unique person he or she is. Look at Method to read more about our daycare and read below about our vision.

Grace Lansdorf

Our vision

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Every child is unique

With us, every child is appreciated and accepted for who he or she is. This means that they can count on respect, trust and the right guidance in their own development. We follow the child and respond to their unique needs.


Our pedagogical staff are professional and involved. They always strive for open and respectful cooperation with parents in which the interests of the child are represented. We will always continue the conversation, so that the cooperation remains strong.

Nature and environment

We consider attention to nature and the environment to be important. That is why we use as little plastic as possible, we separate our waste and the children are offered as many organic and varied food products as possible. Our toys are also made primarily from natural materials.

A homely atmosphere

Prince Heerlijk offers childcare in a homely atmosphere by offering childcare at one location, with two groups, where a small and committed team is ready to take care of the children. This allows us to keep the quality of care high and the process of socialization can still take place.



Ervaring Irma bij Kinderdagverblijf Prins Heerlijk


"Fantastic sweet teachers and owner who do everything to give your child safety and love. They are also very active with doing fun things and to support the development of my son. They actively participate when I have questions and are so involved. I can't imagine a nicer daycare!"

May 30th, 2020

Our team

Grace Lansdorf

Grace Lansdorf

Owner Prins Heerlijk

From my passion for children I have opened this daycare. I think it is important that children can be who they are. In addition, I see myself as an extension of the child and the parent. We are there to support parents in the education of their child and to help where necessary. Through my courses HBO-V nurse and Interactive child therapy my vision and knowledge has only been strengthened. Working with children gives me energy and that is why I am committed to this company with heart and soul.

Lies de Lange

Lies de Lange

Manager & coach

I was raised democratically and my parents had 'real' attention for my unique sides. They have always believed in me. I therefore see my upbringing as an example and, among other things, further developed my passion for this profession and vision on it during my education in ecological pedagogy. For me, children are pure and unique and we as educators are the ones who can offer them the means to further develop themselves. The vision of Prince Heerlijk fits me well and that is why I enjoy working here.



Pedagogical employee

Lisa is an enthusiastic, active and very driven leader. Before her time at Prins Heerlijk she worked as an au pair in America and at various childcare centers. As a result, Lisa has already built up quite a bit of experience. Now she is committed to the children of Prins Heerlijk with all her heart. Lisa likes to be outside and be creative. She likes to discover the unique side in every child.



Pedagogical employee

Manon completed her BBL course at Prins Heerlijk and continued to work at Prins Heerlijk after. She has built up a lot of experience for her age. She does her work with great enthusiasm and pleasure and she has a strong organizational ability. As a result, the day runs in a structured way while children are given the space to be themselves and to discover the world.




Patricia follows a BBL study with us and she works in the babygroup for 3 days. Patricia is a hardworking, friendly and above all sweet teacher with a big heart for children. Because Patricia became a mother of a son at a young age, she already has a lot of experience in raising. She can put this knowledge and expertise to good use in the group.



Pedagogical employee

Joana is our newest addition to the team. She is enthusiastic, sporty and takes care of the children with great pleasure and dedication. Joana actively thinks about education and has an inquisitive attitude. In her spare time she gives gymnastics lessons to children. The experience she has gained here helps her in the profession and provides her with additional input to use in her position as a pedagogical assistant



Pedagogical employee

Soraya started as a BBL student at Prins Heerlijk and never left. She has gained experience in both groups and has found her place in the toddler group. With her loving, warm and friendly attitude, she immediately forms a safe haven for children, parents and colleagues. Soraya is a real connector in the team and has completely formed herself as a fully-fledged pedagogical employee at Prins Heerlijk.



Pedagogical employee

Kevser has been employed by Prins Heerlijk since the company started. As a result, she knows the ins and outs through and through. She is very kind to the children and works well together. Kevser has a very natural way of dealing with children, which makes them feel at ease with her quickly. Kevser is calm and responsive to the needs of children. That makes her a very good employee!

Brian Johnson


Brian is a talented master in crafting UI designs. He is committed to continuous education to stay aware of the latest design trends and technological feasibility.

Robert O'Neill


Robert always listens to the clients' visions and creates data-driven designs for what they imagine, what they really need, and require.

Jack Nicholson


Jack always strives to go above and beyond in order to achieve project goals meeting any clients' needs, expectations, and budgets. Feel free to hire him for your next project!

Linda Stewart


Hire our highly trained UI Designer. Linda is passionate about creating groundbreaking and breathtaking solutions for web, software, and mobile.


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