Our method

  • The daycare of Prins Heerlijk

    Prins Heerlijk offers day care for babies and toddlers from 0 to 4 years old. Babies from 0 to 1.5 years old are cared for in our 'baby group' and children from 1.5 to 4 years old in our 'toddler group'. In order to familiarize young children quickly and because the adjustment process takes longer when a child goes to day care less often, we recommend that you take care of at least 2 days a week. It is not possible to request half-day care from us. The times when parents pick up and bring their children exactly are up to them, but we advise to bring them before 9am and to pick them up after 4pm. This way, a child can fully participate in the day program and we monitor the rest of the groups.

    It is only possible to request fixed days of care for your child. This means that a place is reserved for your child every week on the requested day. If you want to use another day care, you can request an exchange day or extra day via the parent portal Konnect. An extra day simply means that you can request an extra day, in addition to the fixed days. With an exchange day you can exchange a reserved day for another day. It is always possible to request an extra day. When a day of reception coincides with a national holiday and the reception is therefore closed, the day cannot be exchanged with another day. 

  • opening hours, closing dates and prices

    We are open Monday to Friday from 7.30am to 6.30pm. In addition to the weekends, we are closed during national holidays and between Christmas and New Years Eve. This means that in 2024 we will be closed on the following days:
    ● Study day: Friday 22th of March ● Easter Monday: Monday, April 1● Ascension Day: Thursday, May 9● Whit Monday: Monday, May 20● Sinterklaas: Thursday, December 5, we close at 5 p.m.● Christmas Eve: Tuesday, December 24, we close at 5 p.m● Between Christmas and New Year's Eve: Wednesday, December 25 to Tuesday december 31● New Year's Day: Wednesday January 1, 2025

  • Biological and healthy food

    We have everything your child needs. The only thing you can possibly provide is your own breastfeeding and a vegetable snack. Because we value the quality of our food and pay attention to the environment, we only offer healthy and mainly organic products. For example, our bread comes from the local bakery District and we do our shopping via Picnic.
    In young babies, the rhythm of the home is mainly maintained, but as a child gets older, the rhythm will increasingly shift into that of Prince Lovely. Everything about this is possible in consultation and we always think along with you. Learning healthy eating habits is certainly part of our upbringing. Not only do we offer healthy products, children are also included in the process of tasty and healthy food. For example, the toddlers can go to the bakery, we always eat together at the table or in the circle and we regularly cook, bake or grow vegetables ourselves. Jamm!

  • An eye for the sleeping needs of every child

    With regard to the sleep rhythm, we mainly keep the rhythm of the youngest babies at home. As children grow older, they will increasingly follow the rhythm of Prince Lovely. We try to respond as much as possible to the individual sleeping needs of each child. In the baby group, the children sleep in a separate room and they all have their own bed and sleeping bag. The sleeping bag can be taken from home, but it is not necessary. We also have a hanging cradle for the smallest. The bedroom has a baby monitor with camera and every 10 minutes the bedroom is checked.

    In the toddler group, the children only sleep once a day. Around 12.30, immediately after lunch, the sleep ritual is started, in which the children undress together, read a book and go to bed. The toddlers sleep on stretchers and mattresses in a room on the group that can be closed with a sliding door. At all times a pedagogical staff member stays with them in the room. This way they learn to sleep well in an open bed and there is supervision at all times. For safety and tranquility, all children have their own sleeping places and if children need a pacifier or cuddle, they can go to bed with them.

  • Clear communication lines with parents

    We believe that a clear communication with parents is very important. That is why we pay attention to this in various areas. First of all, we ensure that the lines are short and that you can easily contact us. This means that we are always available by phone from 7.30 am to 6.30 pm. It is also easy to contact us by email and we use the parent portal Konnect. This is a digital environment that you can follow via an app or on the computer. In Konnect we can write diaries, send photos and chat with parents.

    We also ensure that you always have ample opportunity for a 'warm' transfer when picking up and delivering. If you have the need to discuss more extensively with us, there is the possibility to request a child conversation. During such a conversation you can further discuss your child's development and our pedagogical staff can help with their expertise and knowledge.

    Finally, we have a close collaboration with our parent committee. The parent committee consists of parents of children at our day care and has the task of looking after the interests of the parents and children. They mainly have an advisory role on educational policy, health and safety, opening hours and rates. In addition, the parent committee fulfills an important task in evaluating the implementation of the pedagogical policy. As a parent you can also contact the parent committee.

  • Attention to creating a familiar environment

    When you have opted for the reception of Prins Heerlijk, we always pay attention to making the reception feel like a familiar environment. This means that we pay attention to a number of things within our services:

    It is important that you get the time to get used to the nursery to get a familiar feeling. That is why we schedule an intake interview prior to the start of the reception. During this conversation you will be informed about the working method, the group and the nursery in general. In addition, you have the opportunity to discuss all the details of your child. You will also receive an informative letter about the reception, so that you can read everything quietly. Linked to the intake interview, we often plan on getting used to your child for the first time in the group. This means that you have the opportunity to have your child at the daycare with us for a few hours up to a maximum of half a day for free.

    Once your child has started we maintain contact with you via Konnect. You can expect a story in the diary after every day at the daycare and often we also post some photos. In addition, the employees of Prins Heerlijk naturally use the chat function in Konnect so that you can easily and directly maintain contact with the employees who take care of your child. News and other information is communicated via Konnect by means of a news message. Of course we are also available by phone and email.

    We would like to hear this when you encounter something at our reception. We would appreciate it if you communicate this to us orally or by email. We are always open for a conversation and it is important that you experience the reception as pleasant. If this is not the case, you can contact the Disputes Committee or the Complaints Desk. See the complaints regulations for this.

    Finally, we have a New Year's drink at the beginning of the year and a summer party during the summer. This way we can inform you about the developments in childcare and this offers the opportunity to get to know the team and other parents in an accessible way.

  • Conscious handling of illness in children

    We believe that sick children can best recover at home. If a child is clearly not feeling well and / or has an increase, parents will be contacted to discuss. A balanced assessment is made at all times by the pedagogical staff whether a child can still participate in the day program. If not, parents are asked to pick up their child. With some contagious childhood diseases, children are not allowed to go to daycare or parents are also asked to pick up their child. The guidelines of the GGD are used for this.

    In addition, the administration of medication is handled with care. When parents request that certain medicines be used for their child, they are first asked to fill in an explanation. This statement must be signed for both medications prescribed by a physician, and for medications that parents themselves obtain from the pharmacy or drugstore. We only give fever-reducing agents, such as paracetamol, when there is real pain relief, such as an ear infection. We do this because paracetamol suppresses the natural response of the human body and therefore we cannot get a good picture of the disease and its severity.

  • Een hoge vakkundigheid van onze medewerkers

    We consider the quality and expertise of our pedagogical employees to be of great importance. They are the ones who deal with the children every day. With us you can assume that our pedagogical employees meet the legal qualification requirements with at least a diploma at PW3 level (often even HBO trained) and practice their profession with passion. In their development and professionalization, the pedagogical employees are supported by a pedagogical coach. She does this through the use of various forms of coaching. Our pedagogical coach also regularly works on the group, so that she always has an up-to-date picture of the care and can adequately help with pedagogical problems. Our pedagogical coach is also the pedagogical policy officer of Prince Delicious. Because she has a good view of what is happening on the work floor, she can immediately implement this in terms of policy and vice versa.

  • Playing outside, trips and a varied range of activities

    A variety of activities is offered at Prins Heerlijk with free play and supervised play both indoors and outdoors. In addition, trips are regularly made outside the grounds of Prins Heerlijk. The range of activities focuses on the development of children in all kinds of areas, such as attention to motor skills (fine and gross), social development, speech and language development, numeracy and creative development. We use a number of agreements to achieve this:

    We think it is important that children are given room for their own development. That is why it is decided not to follow a VVE program. This gives the employees more space to give their own interpretation to the day program and can therefore easily take into account the individual needs and wishes of each child. To give the day program some structure, a theme planning is maintained. The themes are determined on the basis of the living environment and development needs of young children. Every year, the Prince Delicious team rethinks the interpretation of the themes that are laid down in an annual plan. These themes form the framework within which the activities are offered. This way, everyone knows in advance what will be and what can be worked on.

    We also ensure that children have the opportunity to go outside every day, because playing outside is healthy! Not only does playing outside reduce the stress level and the risk of being overweight, playing outside also offers many opportunities for developing social competences. Playing outside therefore has a positive effect in several areas. Linked to the toddler group, we have a (small) front garden and backyard with playground equipment and materials and a spacious balcony is linked to the baby group on the first floor. We are also regularly found with the children in the Wilhelminapark or we go to the forest behind the Rietveld Schröderhuis. Even taking the glass away is made an excursion with us!

    Finally, Prince Delicious focuses on Dutch cultural holidays such as Christmas, Sinterklaas, Easter, animal day and King's Day. We also celebrate children's birthdays and we pay attention to special moments such as having a brother or sister or saying goodbye to the group. Every party has its own rituals. Prince Delicious ensures that children become familiar with this step by step. The rituals provide a sense of security and togetherness, making the world around them a little predictable.

  • (Not) correcting and rewarding children

    There have been many studies into the method of correction and reward. These studies give varying results in effectiveness and efficacy. Prince Delicious chooses to pursue an education with room for the child in which correction and reward play as little a role as possible. By giving children the space to say "no" or to let them choose, they get the feeling that they are in control. By explaining and demonstrating, frameworks can be formed and by giving space to emotions, children feel heard and have less of an urge to look for boundaries. Negative behavior is redirected as much as possible to other (more positive) behavior and the pedagogical staff are alert to what a child actually asks with his or her behavior. Pedagogical employees make the change, for example by offering more choices, deriving or explaining. When children need it, pedagogical staff can literally take children out of the situation
    and they are given the space to express their emotions in a different way (to sit somewhere else or to do something else).

  • Disputes and complaints

    Your child is in good hands with the employees of the nursery Prins Heerlijk. However, occasionally something can go wrong in the care of your child or in the organization of childcare. Childcare is human work and people can make mistakes. If you think we are falling short or do not keep to our agreements, we would like to hear from you. We can learn from your criticism. That is why we have an internal and external complaints procedure, which must be followed one after the other.

    The childcare has an extensive regulation in the field of complaints and disputes. These arise from the Childcare Act, the General Conditions for Childcare and the Complaint Law.

    Our advice is to always respond as quickly as possible if there are complaints, postponing for too long only makes it more difficult. It is easiest if you discuss it with the person concerned, for example the group employee (s). If this does not resolve the dissatisfaction, you can make an appointment with Grace Lansdorf. She records the complaint on the internal complaint form, so that it is registered. Perhaps the conversation can resolve the complaint immediately, for example after making appointments, or a little more investigation is needed in response to your complaint. If your complaint has not yet been resolved, you will receive a written confirmation of the receipt of your complaint and its description after 5 working days. You will receive written notification about the validity of the complaint and whether or not to take measures or measures already taken, 20 working days after submitting your complaint. If your complaint is resolved in the conversation, this and any agreements made will be written on the internal complaint form and you will receive a copy. If Prince Lovely has not responded to the written complaint within six weeks or the parents and Prince Lovely have not agreed within six weeks on how to handle a complaint, you can submit your complaint to the Childcare Disputes Committee.

    Our Registration Number is: 120711187

    You can also submit your complaint in writing (or by email) to Grace Lansdorf. In that case, you will receive written confirmation of the receipt of your complaint after 5 working days. You will receive a written message about the validity of the complaint and whether or not to take measures or measures already taken, 20 working days after submitting your complaint.

    In the absence of Grace Lansdorf you can turn to Lies de Lange, she is also authorized to handle your complaint.

    Internal complaints procedure
    1. We recommend that you report your complaint to us within two months. A short term after the incident promotes the investigation of the complaint;
    2. Anonymous complaints will not be processed;
    3. If you have a complaint that concerns the care of your child, you can first contact a pedagogical leader of this group. The educational leader searches for and offers you a suitable solution;
    4. If you are not satisfied with the solution offered, if your complaint relates to the conduct of a board member or one of its employees towards you or your child, if the complaint relates to the agreement between you and Prins Heerlijk Kinderopvang, then you can submit a complaint in writing to the board of Prins Heerlijk Kinderopvang;
    5. The management accepts and registers your complaint. Your complaint will be carefully investigated. In order to find a suitable solution, the management will contact you, among other things, for an explanation of your complaint;
    6. You will be kept informed as much as possible of the progress of the handling of your complaint;
    7. Taking into account the nature of the complaint, it will be dealt with as soon as possible;
    8. Your complaint will be handled by the management no later than 6 weeks after submission;
    9. You will receive a written and reasoned opinion on the complaint;
    10. In the judgment, a specific term has been set within which any measures will be taken.

    You can submit a written complaint to:
    KDV Prins Delicious
    Attn Grace Lansdorf
    Prins Hendriklaan 97
    3583 EJ Utrecht
    Or email to ln.kjilreehsnirp-vdk%40ofni

    If the management of kdv Prins Heerlijk has not been able to offer you a suitable solution, you can submit your complaint to the Childcare and Playgroup Disputes Committee.

    External complaints procedure
    Prins Heerlijk is affiliated with the Childcare Disputes Committee (hereinafter: the Disputes Committee). Parents, the Prince Lovely Parental Council and Prince Lovely Childcare can register a dispute with the Disputes Committee.

    1. The parent / parent committee must first submit the complaint to the board of Prins Heerlijk Kinderopvang. Use our internal complaints procedure for this.
    2. If the complaint does not lead to a solution, the dispute must be brought before the Disputes Committee within 12 months after the date on which the parent / parent committee submitted the complaint to Prins Heerlijk Kinderopvang, in writing or in another form to be determined by the Committee. .
    3. Disputes can be brought before the Disputes Committee by the parent / parent committee as well as by Prins Lovely Childcare.
    4. When the parent / parent committee files a dispute with the Disputes Committee, Prince Delicious Childcare is bound by this choice. If Prince Lovely Childcare wants to file a dispute, it must ask the parent / parent committee in writing, or in another appropriate form, to pronounce itself within 5 weeks if he / she agrees to this. Prince Lovely Childcare must hereby announce that after the aforementioned term has expired it will consider itself free to bring the dispute before a normal court.
    5. The Disputes Committee makes rulings with due observance of the provisions of the applicable regulations. The rules of the Disputes Committee are available via www.degeschillencommissie.nl and will be sent on request. The decisions of the Disputes Committee are made by weighing binding advice. A fee is payable for the handling of a dispute by the Disputes Committee.
    6. Only the above-mentioned Disputes Committee or the ordinary court is authorized to take cognizance of disputes.

    Complaints offered to the Childcare Disputes Committee can be submitted to: www.degeschillencommissie.nl

    There are costs associated with handling complaints by the Disputes Committee. Costs resulting from not following the complaints procedure correctly will be passed on to you. If your complaint is declared unfounded, the costs incurred will be passed on to you.

    You can also find more information about complaint handling at